Positive Input Ventilation

Positive input ventilation system

Create a fresh and healthy environment with our positive input ventilation system

Fixing the heat recovery system

Why is positive input ventilation important for heat recovery on an AC system?

Is your home suffering from damp and condensation or are there damp patches due to poor air quality? City cooling can sort out these problems by installing a positive ventilation system. With this system fresh filtered air is introduced into your home at a continuous rate. This encourages the movement of air from the outside to the inside, resulting in a fresh and healthy indoor environment in which condensation and mould cannot exist. Additionally indoor pollutants including harmful radon gas is kept at a minimum. This is great news for allergy sufferers as the system removes humidity from the air, preventing mould growth and controlling dust-allergens. 

A typical PIV installation by City Cooling Air Conditioning can take from 3 hours to 1 full day, please call us for a quote. 
Do you want to fix the heat recovery system of your air conditioning? Contact the experts at City Cooling Air Conditioning in Merthyr Tydfil at
 info.citycooling@gmail.com or call 029 2236 2014

Types of positive input ventilation:

Types of positive input ventilation
A PIV unit

How PIV works?

The gentle blowing of clean filtered air is noiseless on low settings but is enough to raise the air pressure in your premises, thus forcing out the stale and damp air through gaps and vents.

As the heat rises, it often ends up being wasted at ceiling height and eventually deposits itself in your loft as wasted energy. With a PIV unit, the energy in your loft space can be recycled. A PIV unit also uses the sun rays which are hitting your roof during the winter to warm the air in the loft and this will help to heat your home. 

If you feel the output of your domestic and commercial air conditioning is not pleasant and needs servicing, contact our experts to discuss your requirements. 

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